Biking and photographing in the dank darkness

Photo of Stafan Zuercher as he bikes down the mountain in darkness and fog, Haldigrat, Switzerland

Yesterday me and my buddy Stefan Zürcher went up to Haldigrat in Engelbergertal.

We got a late start and actually missed the last scheduled lift up the mountain. But the manager was super nice about it and sent us up anyway.

The views from up there was indeed spectacular. Flowy trails on the ridge together with the sunset and the fog in the valley made for some very nice photos. We spent a good couple of hours riding and shooting, and when we started our descent it was pitch black. We had to rely on our head lamps with waning batteries to be able to navigate our way down the valley. After about half an hour the fog came upon us like a wet blanket, the visibility shrunk to next to nothing. And we both felt pretty small as we negotiated our way down in the dank forest. We were both hungry and tired, but I really wanted to capture this moment and forced myself to pull out the camera and snap a couple of shots. I think the image in this post reflects the mood very well.