Photo session with Argentinian downhill champion

Martin Raffo

Lately I have been spending some time in the beautiful area around Bariloche, Argentina. One of the highlights of the stay, so far, was the day I went out photographing and mountain biking and with former Argentinian downhill champion Martin ‘Cepi’ Raffo.

We went to the mountain “Cerro Otto”, which is blessed with flowy trails and magnificent views of lakes and mountains. And again, about the trails. I cannot empathize enough the absolute flowiness of the riding experience. During the descent I couldn’t help laughing out loud out of pure happiness and amazement. The trails are all natural. But for some reason the soil magically shapes itself into perfect berms and switchbacks. Martin, of course, properly owned me on the descents. And I’m sure he could have ripped it up even harder if he didn’t have to wait for me every couple of turns.
It was one of those days which puts a smile on your face, and makes it stick.

If you ever find yourself thirsting for some good mountain biking in Argentina, make sure to touch base with Martin and


Photo of mountain biker riding in the woods in Bariloche

Argentinian single trail

Mountain biking on Cerro Otto, Bariloche, Argentina.