Nominated for photo of the year

Reflection of Stefan Hellberg and the Matterhorn above Zermatt, Switzerland.

I’m really happy and proud to be nominated for the photo of the year on pink bike. This photo features Stefan Hellberg riding in Zermatt, Switzerland.

See all the nominees here: pinkbike photo of the year

Black and whites from the winter season


This winter season I made a habit of always bringing a camera loaded with Kodak tri-x film for the skiing sessions. Feel free have a look at a few of the resulting images in this GALLERY.

Last days up on the mountain


A few of the images I captured during the last days skiing this season. Winter is pretty much over now. Can’t wait for summer to arrive for real.  I do love living in a place where the seasons are so different.

New Cover


Really stoked on getting the cover of the latest Switchback. Coverboy Robert Karlsson even managed to get his feet published inside the mag. Looking forward to a lot of different fun projects this summer.

Photo of the Day on Pinkbike

Mountain biking at the skull rock trail, in Engelberg, Switzerland

Happy to see that one of my shots got selected as POD on Pinkbike a couple of days ago.

Mountain Life in Chamonix


The value of a small bonfire is never higher than when you’re spending a cold night up in the mountains.

Last ride of the season?


Depending on the amount of snow we will receive here in the next couple of weeks, this might have been the last ride of the season. But, then again, riding on snow can be fun as well.

Cover Switchback Mag


Happy to see one of my shots of my buddy Stefan Zürcher on the cover of Switchback Mag.

Cover Singletrack


Extremely honored to once again have a photo on the cover of Singletrack Magazine. Check out the contents of the new issue hereThe shot features Stefan Zürcher riding down from the Haldigrat. More images from that session can be seen in this gallery.

Morning session on Furenalp


The other day, I and Robert Karlsson took an early cable-car up to Furenalp to ride our bikes and make some photos. Shooting with motivated and positive people always makes for fun times. Check out some of the resulting images in this gallery

Fun times on Brunni


Last weekend, I went up with Anna to ride bikes on Brunni in Engelberg. It’s one of my favourite places to go when I’m looking for fun, flowy trails. I did manage to shoot a few photos as well. Have a look in this gallery if you’re interested.

Peaceful summer night


This photograph reminds me of two reasons why I love my home country Sweden; my girl and peaceful summer nights. Captured during a serene evening while out kayaking and camping in the northern parts of the country. Everything was still, and the only sound came from the occasional fish breaching the surface of the lake. Disconnected from the grid and all the stress of modern city life, It’s moments like this one that make me happy just to be.

Unsung hero

Unsung hero

Yesterday we went to check out the downhill trails in Chur, Switzerland. We didn’t expect much, but were pleasantly surprised. The trails are well build and varied, with some steep gnarly sections as well as flowy ones with rad jumps and wall rides. On the top cable car station we met the gentleman portrayed in the attached photo. He was kind enough to help everyone unload their bikes. It’s nice to see that some folks still know how to keep it real real.

Exploring Haldigrat

Shadow boxing

Last time we went up to the Haldigrat we were a bit late. With only  about 30 minutes worth of light left we were forced to limit the shooting to a small part of the ridge, and descend with the aid of head lamps. This time I wanted to explore the photographic and riding possibilities of the whole ridge. Knowing that there would be some big and exposed lines, I called my main man when it comes to biking, Stefan Zürcher. He, of course, was stoked on the idea. Some of the resulting images can be seen in this gallery.

Cover Switchback magazine


Really happy to see one of my shots from Furenalp on the cover of Switchback magazine. For this shot, extra credit goes to Spannort, and to Oskar Enander for looking brill in his stylish purple helmet.

MTBPro night riding article


There is a cool article about night riding featuring some of my photography in the latest MTBPro magazine. Check it out here.

Rain and fog delight in Furenalp

Snow cones

When I started biking in Switzerland we had one of the wettest autumns ever. Every time we went out I ended up either skidding on mud or slipping on wet rocks before I crashed. For the first couple of months I believe I averaged about 5 crashes per run. When the weather finally gave us a break and I rode dry single trail for the first time, everything felt easy and flowy. Now, I do prefer to ride dry trails, but there is something about going out riding in grim weather.  The air is fresh and the landscape looks raw. Last week, on a rainy and foggy day, me and Fredrik decided on doing the Furenalp trail.

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Singletrack Magazine Cover


Singletrack Magazine has once again been kind enough to feature one of my shots on the cover. It’s a photo of Stefan Zürcher riding the Wildspitz trail shortly before sunset.

Pause for a moment

The scenery engulfs you

Sometimes it’s necessary to pause and think about where you are, and where you’re going.

The waiting game


My buddy Stefan Zürcher waiting for the photographer to get his act together. You can’t have enough golden sunsets.

Harsh Light

Shadow boxing

I usually try to avoid shooting in mid day sunlight. But, sometimes the strong shadows which comes from this type of light can complement the rider. And make for a more interesting image.

Starry Cover


Feels good to see one of my shots on the cover of the latest Mountainflyer Magazine. Captured last autumn in Zermatt. I definitively need to get back there this summer.

Praying for summer


Someone in central Switzerland must have done something to upset the weather gods. I’m longing for some sun and dry trails. Here’s a photo to remind us about drier times. Stefan Zuercher riding in the desert above Goldau.

Double page spread in Mountainflyer Magazine


Happy times! I just got some new tear-sheets in the mailbox. Here’s one from Mountainflyer Magazine issue 29. It’s a shot from Engelberg, Switzerland. I used a tilt-shift lens to get the barb wire in focus and everything else slightly blurred out. The Nikkor 24mm PC-E is probably my favourite wide angle, it’s a fun lens to play around with and also extremely sharp.

Singletrack Magazine Cover

Single Track Magazine Cover

I’m excited! Thanks to  Singletrack Mountain Bike Magazine for featuring one of my shots on the cover of the latest issue. It’s an image from Fürenalp, Engelberg, and  I think It came out great.

Enjoying the view

Taking a break

My buddy Oskar Enander and I enjoying the views in Furenalp, Engelberg. Backpacks packed to the brim with camera gear.

Night shoot

Night shoot

Left one camera sulking on the tripod while I went to shoot the trail to the left.


Mountain Biking photo of some biking in the dark mossy swiss forest

Photograph of my good buddy Stefan Zuercher riding his bike in an ancient mossy forest. I like the shot because it features the terrain quite well. Lots of big moss covered blocks lying about.

It’s all about gnarly rooty trails

Dark dank gnarly trail

Hiked up into the old mossy forests in search for some gnarly trails. In the blurred out background my buddy Stefan Zürcher getting ready to roll. I really need to get behind the computer and process some shots from today.

Another side of the story

Anna getting bullied

A reminder that mountain biking is not all about speed and rad trails. It’s also about being harassed by sheep while trying to find a decent restaurant.

Early Season Start

Wallis Wall Ride

Biking season started early this year thanks to some dry “secret trails” in Wallis (Valais), Switzerland.

Instant Cow Horde Attack

Instant cow horde attack

When photographing mountain biking in central Switzerland, one inevitable comes across the challenge of dealing with curious cows. These mostly friendly creatures don’t move particularly fast, but they sure are a determined and single minded lot. Once they lock their beady eyes on the camera and embark on the lens licking mission, trying to distract them is like attempting to stop an avalanche with a spoon, a plastic one at that. Escape or surrender are the only viable options.

Photo session with Argentinian downhill champion

Martin Raffo

Lately I have been spending some time in the beautiful area around Bariloche, Argentina. One of the highlights of the stay, so far, was the day I went out photographing and mountain biking and with former Argentinian downhill champion Martin ‘Cepi’ Raffo. Read more …

Nominated for mountain biking photo of the year

Rikard Lindby was nominated for photo of the year on

A while ago, one of my photos was nominated for the photo of the year award on It is the worlds largest site dedicated to mountain biking. Needless to say, I feel extremely honored.

Biking and photographing in the dank darkness

Photo of Stafan Zuercher as he bikes down the mountain in darkness and fog, Haldigrat, Switzerland

Yesterday me and my buddy Stefan Zürcher went up to Haldigrat in Engelbergertal. Read more …

Into the eyes of the sun. That’s where the fun is.

Photograph of two mountain bikers riding a trail surrounded by dense ferns, in Engelberg

Lately I have been going through my mountain bike photos. Trying to find the ones I think are good enough to earn a spot in my fancy new gallery. What I got out of it, besides a headache, is the knowledge that I really really prefer the ones which are shot against the sun. And from a low angle. There is something special about that crazy light which makes for interesting color and contrast. Read more …